PhotoZoom Classic 8 Comparison chart

An overview of the features offered by PhotoZoom Classic 8 and PhotoZoom Pro 8:

  PhotoZoom Classic 8   PhotoZoom Pro 8

S-Spline interpolation technology yes yes
S-Spline XL interpolation technology yes yes
S-Spline Max interpolation technology no yes
Reveal Fine Details yes yes
Film grain no yes
Photo Vividness control no yes
Exposure Enhancement no yes

Fine-tuning of S-Spline interpolation settings yes yes
Fine-tuning of sharpening settings yes yes
Built-in S-Spline interpolation presets yes yes
Option to save custom made presets yes yes
Resize Profiles yes yes
Reduction of artifacts/noise yes yes
Improved JPEG artifact reduction no yes

Multi-processor support yes yes
GPU Acceleration no yes

Stand-alone application (no Photoshop required) yes yes
Photoshop compatible Automation plug-in no yes
Photoshop compatible Export plug-in no yes
Lightroom Integration no yes
Supports 64-bit environments yes yes
Mac: Dark Mode support yes yes

Batch processing no yes
Cropping yes yes
Split Screen Previewing yes yes
Common size presets yes yes
Printing yes yes

Open/save RGB yes yes
Open/save Grayscale yes yes
Open CMYK yes yes
Save CMYK yes yes
Open Lab yes yes
Save Lab yes yes
Open PSD yes yes
Save PSD no yes *
Open EXR yes yes
Save EXR no yes *
Open 16 bits/channel (incl. Raw) images yes yes
Save 16 bits/channel (incl. Raw) images no yes *
Open 32 bits/channel (HDR) images no yes *
Save 32 bits/channel (HDR) images no yes *
Preserves Alpha channels yes yes
Preserves layers no yes *
Preserves IPTC metadata yes yes
Preserves Exif metadata yes yes
Preserves XMP metadata yes yes
Preserves ICC profiles yes yes
Maximum enlargement size in pixels
300000 × 300000
1 million × 1 million

(* Automation plug-in version only)



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